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About healthy feed

Cereals for Healthy Nutrition

Cereals for Healthy Nutrition

 A Few Words About Healthy Nutrition. Use of Cereals               Porridge was a base of the diet for many nations in Europe and Asia for a long time. In some extent, this is the recipe for health of our ancestors. Indeed, many cereals contain vitamins and minerals, people...
Healthy diet: Ayurveda diet

Healthy diet: Ayurveda diet

Healthy Eating: Ayurveda Diet       Not only goods and products from India, but also the principles of nutrition of this country become increasingly popular nowadays. The most popular one is Ayurveda Vata Diet that is considered to be the oldest medical system along with the traditions of...
Why our body needs sugar

Why our body needs sugar

 Does our body need sugar?        Many people simply cannot imagine their life without sugar. Scientists say that sweets fancy is passed genetically. If you put something sweet in the newborn’s mouth he will smile....
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